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Dated: 07/09/2015

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Lake Havasu Cityon average get a whopping 3 inches of rain per year.. While the US average is 37 inches .. and we haven't had snow in over 25+ years except this year we had an unexpected snow storm that lasted most of the day and covered everything white and wonderful.....It was a real sight to see.... while the average US city gets 25 inches of snow per year.. This is why we are so popular with the Faithful Snowbirds whom we love and look forward to seeing every year! They like our mild weather and spend their winter months with us....   

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Lake Havasu City  has an average of 290 SUNNY, BEAUTIFUL and GLORIOUS days with our high temperatures in July... Just a mere 112 degree's and that is why our Lake is so popular in the summer months with our BOATING peeps and if you haven't taken a dip in our lake water in the summer time than you are really missing out... Just like being in a giant warm bath tub.. Our coldest month is usually in January with an average temperature of 45 degrees... I guess the Cold States might actually thing of that as warm... but those of us who live her year round find it to be tad bit cold... We are very fond of our warmer weather.

Lake Havasu City is located on the Colorado River at the foothills of the Mohave Mountains in an area described as "Lowland desert" Lake Havasu City and the surrounding areas are part of the Sonoran Desert. Our elevation ranges from 450' above sea level and 1500' at the foothills. We are surrounded by the most beautiful and majestic Mohave mountains that rise over 5000 feet and if you haven't seen one of our sunsets than it is a must to put on your bucket list... 

Please let me know if you find my Blog fun filled with interesting facts about lake havasu.... and If you interested in receiving additional information about our Beautiful City. I would be delighted to provide you with one of our RELOCATION GUIDES and STREET MAPS to help you find the location of your new home.... 

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  • Posted by Betty Nellis
    Uh, we had snow (2") on December 31, 2014! I know because it was my first winter here, and that was one of the reasons I left Kentucky!!
  • Posted by Johnmurphy372
    [email protected] Thinking of moving to az when I retire. Any helpful information on relocation and houses. I’m a boater. I have 5 years to plan my move from Michigan to warm weather

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